Better fishing in the Driftless Area

“We make fishing better” is one of our mottos here at Trout Unlimited. Our efforts do more than simply make fishing better, of course. But everything we do, at some level, translates to better fishing. That sits pretty well with our 300,000 members and supporters because most of them are, in fact, anglers and appreciate … Read more

Hats off to educators across TU

I recently sat under a tent at the Western North Carolina Fly Expo and watched four teenagers speak to an audience of anglers about their experience as leaders in Trout Unlimited. Articulate, professional and a little nervous, they told the story of how it all started at Trout Camp. “Rivercourse changed my life” every one … Read more

Sulphur Perdigon Nymph

Perdigon-style nymphs are great for anglers who need to get deep, and get deep quickly. Tied with lead-free wire and finished with a hard-finish UV resin, these flies drop like stones and don’t push too much water, which minimizes drag. Above, Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions ties his Sulphur Perdigon Nymph, just in time for … Read more