Natural dubbing materials

Fly tying is so sophisticated these days, that sometimes it pays to take a step back and really examine the materials we use as we conjure up the next great pattern at the vise. Take dubbing, for instance. This is the material used in both dry flies and nymphs, generally to craft fly bodies for … Read more

The Mickey Finn

With fall coming on and a few high-country leaves starting to turn here in the Rockies, some anglers are jumping ahead to “streamer season.” I’m not ready to make the leap just yet, but I do generally have a few flies in my box that work well during the shoulder season that is late summer … Read more

Patagonia recycles 10 million plastic bottles for new travel bag

Each new Black Hole travel bag from Patagonia incorporates some of the 10 million recycled plastic bottles used in this year’s model, meaning you can own tough gear that lasts and help keep waste out of landfills. Every Black Hole bag is incredibly durable, water resistant and backed by Patagonia’s Ironclad Guarantee. “Our Black Hole … Read more

Simms introduces two new wader models for women

Women’s interest and involvement in the sport of fishing is growing and becoming more of a focus in the industry. Simms announced last week the introduction of the new Women’s G3 Guide Z Stockingfoot and Women’s Freestone Z Stockingfoot waders. These women-specific waders are made for women, by women who fish. The new designs feature a TiZip waterproof side zipper for … Read more

Why diversity matters

In the natural world, diversity creates resilience. For example, grasslands with a greater variety of native plants are more resistant to drought. They also bounce back faster from disturbance caused by insect infestations and fire. Diversity also makes organizations more resilient. And relevant, too. The more connections to people with different backgrounds that we share, … Read more