Fishing matters

City Catch kids in Baltimore. Lately, when I am in town, I’ve taken to starting my mornings at Fletchers boathouse. I’ll row up or downstream for an hour with a strung fly rod. If I see a suspended gar, or a rolling carp, I’ll stop and cast.  Even with the outing, I am at the … Read more

Tourist season

We love having visitors in Montana. For one, it’s a huge driver for our economy—we’ve got an obscenity of riches when it comes to outdoor recreation opportunities and were I to live anywhere else, Montana is where I’d long to be. But by the end of July, after one or two giant motorhomes have nearly … Read more

Spend time with the future

Hunter and Alliegh getting it done Every year Trout Unlimited brings together 20-30 teenagers from all over the country for a teen summit. They are mostly veterans of TU youth camps. This year’s group met at Georgetown Lake in Montana. It is not a one-and-done experience for them. After the summit, they commit to serving … Read more

Leave it to the beavers

With misty morning breaths, the Odyssey crew circled up at the entrance of Black Pine Lake in the mountains of Winthrop, Washington. Already dressed in our waders, for warmth more than anything, we stood with members of the U.S. Forest Service, Methow Beaver Project, Methow Natives and TU Washington Habitat Director, Crystal Elliot. Our job for the day, to help … Read more

“LOCAL” – My Road to TU & Conservation

by Andrew Reichardt It’s funny to think about how I first got involved with Trout Unlimited. It wasn’t on a beautiful brook trout stream in the mountains of western Maryland or a meandering limestone creek in the valleys of Southern Pennsylvania. It was sight fishing for carp on the muddy waters of the C&O Canal … Read more

Barrier removal helping fishing in Michigan

Michigan is home to over 36,000 miles of stream, and nearly a third of that mileage is designated trout water. As Michigan residents, it is easy to take this statistic for granted as we are accustomed to the vast opportunities the state has to offer to the trout fishing enthusiast. In Michigan, Trout Unlimited, in … Read more