TU Service Partnership Hosts First Annual Steelhead Trip for First Responders and Veterans

So what do you get when a Navy veteran mixes together two Army veterans, two state troopers from different states – including one with his elementary school teacher spouse, and a fire fighter/paramedic?  Apparently, you get one heck of a fishing trip!  From November 13-15, the Trout Unlimited Service Partnership proudly hosted its First Annual …

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TU’s legacy includes protecting ‘The North’ for generations to come

Fishing for steelhead on the North Umpqua River is often described as a PhD-level challenge that will test the mettle of even the most dedicated anglers.  Unlike other legendary steelhead waters, with their gentle gradient and long even runs, fishing on The North involves deep wades over treacherous bedrock to reach casting “stations,” which are often one specific rock that provides the angler … Read more

A Tribute to Gary Fredricks (and the many public servants like him)

By Rob Masonis In the world of salmon conservation, criticizing government agencies can be a popular sport.  By nature they are easy targets: faceless, powerful, bureaucratic and slow to evolve even in the face of glaring need to do so.    But often overlooked and underappreciated are the many well-intentioned, dedicated individuals working within those agencies.  Public servants like Gary Fredricks, a fish biologist who worked in the National Marine Fisheries Service for more than 30 years to improve fish passage systems at federal dams on the … Read more

Progress on the Lower Snake needs collaboration

Last week  TU held a webinar on our recently published report, “Why we need a free-flowing lower Snake River,” which lays out the overwhelming evidence of why we need to remove the four lower Snake River dams to rebuild abundant, healthy wild salmon and steelhead populations and provide consistent fishing opportunity.    In response, we heard from some folks that they are concerned … Read more

Cultivating Community in the Time of COVID-19

In what feels like a lifetime ago, I was a disaster relief volunteer.  I was always astonished with how grief stricken and tumultuous conditions could unite people in supporting one another with, oftentimes, simple acts of kindness.  As we are all experiencing this pandemic differently, I have found great comfort in how people are uniting … Read more