Video spotlight: Orvis presents “Mend”

By Kirk Deeter If you haven’t already, please take a moment to check out this video by Orvis about a great young man (and fine angler) named Joey Maxim. I had the opportunity to fish with Joey and his father several years ago at the Orvis Guide Rendezvous in Missoula. The day on the water … Read more

Video spotlight: Hungry Life

Maybe it’s because I’m coming up on about six weeks of self-imposed food deprivation (you know, that moment when you step on the scale and all you can say is, “WTF??”), or maybe it’s because eating “cleaner” has become more important to me of late, but the video below speaks to me. Video of YETI … Read more

Video spotlight: Mend

The next time you’re on the river to escape the rest of your manic life, stop for a minute and consider how lucky you really are. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re healthy. You might have healthy kids, a good job … a car that runs. You might have challenges, but I’d be willing … Read more

Video spotlight: Trout Heaven

Imagine that perfect, pastoral trout stream where native fish with nary a care rise to mayflies all day long. Just in your dreams? Perhaps your idea of Heaven? Video of Trout Heaven We should all be so lucky to be able to cast over wild, native brown trout in a sweet little southern Sweden River … Read more

Video spotlight: Rio Grande Argentina

Oh, this is going to be good. If you’re a fan of fish porn at its most visceral, the trailer below to Todd Moen’s new film about fly fishing the Argentina stretch of Tierra de Fuego’s Rio Grande River ought to have you foaming at the mouth. This is perhaps the best destination fishery in … Read more

Video spotlight: Biot horns or wings

This latest installment of the Orvis fly-tying series featuring Tim Flagler covers biots used as “horns” or wings, like in a Prince nymph. Tim has covered the basics of biots and the use of biots for tails in past videos—this one just rounds it out for you. Video of Biot Basics – Biot Horns or … Read more

Video spotlight: Biot tails

Biots used in fly tying are often tough to handle. As Tim Flagler notes in the video below, they’re slippery and not always cooperative. But biots make good flies great—can you imagine a really good Prince nymph without a goose biot tail? Video of Biot Basics – Biot Tails Above, Tim offers up a really … Read more

Video Spotlight: Proven techniques for trout

I love the old-school feel of today’s New Fly Fisher videos. And the short film below is a great all-around tutorial on tackling trout (and bass, frankly) fishing in moving water. Using southern Ontario’s Grand River as a backdrop, host Bill Spicer chases fish with proven guides that have a lot of great information for … Read more