Video spotlight: How to drift a soft hackle

Soft-hackle fishing can be absolutely deadly, particularly for trout that are feeding higher in the water column, but not quite on top. These are the fish that are after emerging bugs, and soft-hackle flies very often draw strikes from these dialed-in fish. Video of How To Drift A Soft Hackle – Fly Fishing Video – … Read more

Video spotlight: How to spot rising trout

At first blush, the idea of spotting rising trout seems pretty simple. But think about it for a minute—how many times, during low light, have you struggled to see exactly where rising trout are working, simply because you don’t have the right background to help you differentiate between water m ovement and honest-to-God risers, sippers … Read more

Video spotlight: Arctic Char in Baffin Bay

The Arctic char of Nunavut, the northern-most Canadian territory that lies just west of Greenland across Baffin Bay, are amazing fish. They cruise into rivers and streams running into the Arctic Ocean on tidal flows starting in the summer, and they are aggressive eaters. In the fall, just like their char cousins, the Dolly Varden, … Read more

Video spotlight: Costa Rica Jungle Trout Fishing

When I first heard that, some time ago, rainbow trout had been introduced to the high-mountain streams of Costa Rica, I was, to say the least, surprised. But it makes sense. These high-elevation streams are shaded by the jungle canopy and temperatures are pretty mild in the mountains all year long. And, if you squint … Read more

Video spotlight: Biot Basics

Fly-tying materials, particularly for new tiers, can be confounding. And it doesn’t help when professional tiers go all out with exotic materials that are both expensive and super hard to find. But some materials are easy to get a hold of, and, with some advice from seasoned tiers, can be put to use right away, … Read more