Video spotlight: The Art of the Mini-adventure

Often, when we have kids, life takes a turn that leads us away from the outdoors and the adventures we experienced before they arrived and changed our lives. The video below from Orvis is a reminder that having children doesn’t mean we have to forego the fun we’ve always enjoyed outdoors. Video of ORVIS Presents: … Read more

Video spotlight: The non-slip mono loop

In recent years, the non-slip mono loop has become my favorite knot for tying flies to tippet—I use it for trout, for carp and just a week or so ago, I used it on Chetumal Bay for bonefish. I’m rarely disappointed in its performance, and it’s just as easy to tie as other traditional knots. … Read more

Video spotlight: How to unravel a pre-packaged leader

We’ve all been there. Our leader has been cut back so many times that even trying to rebuild it with various tippet weights is futile. Or perhaps we’ve managed to achieve that awesome, couldn’t-do-it-again-if-I-tried wind knot that’s pulled so tight near the top of the leader that the only option is to simply start over. … Read more

Video spotlight: Fly fishing for barramundi in Florida

Florida has become something of a “clearing house” for exotic species, both of the gamefish variety and the full-on invasive critters ranging from pythons and lion fish to iguanas and other foreign animals that are noxious to the ecology of the Everglades. Nowhere else in America can fly fishers chase peacock bass and Mayan cichlids, … Read more

Video spotlight: Brook Trout and Caddis Flies

One of the best experiences a fly angler can have is a stay at a remote fishing lodge, be it somewhere in the Rockies or the Adirondaks, or even as far-flung as Alaska or the Canadian north woods. I’ve had the pleasure of staying at lodges in the far north while chasing pike, walleye, lake … Read more

Video spotlight: Water Wolf

Screen shot courtesy of Water Wolf. Barracuda are incredible gamefish, but they’re often overlooked in favor of the “sexier” critters, like bonefish, tarpon and permit. But, at least in my opinion, they belong atop the list for flats fish on the fly, simply because, well, they’re just mean. I almost think they deserve to be … Read more

Video spotlight: Small-stream Brown Troutin’

When most of us load up for an overnighter into the mountains to chase trout, a helicopter doesn’t play into the equation. But in remote Sweden, near the border with Norway, a chopper is the most logical means of transport to get to backcountry waters. Video of FLY TV – Small Stream Brown Troutin' in … Read more

Video spotlight: Fishing streamers from the bank

Streamer fishing is a vital “discipline” within the trout-fishing world, and doing it well takes some practice. What’s more, doing it well from the bank, especially for anglers who normally cast their meat-whistles from the confines of a drift boat, takes some patience. Video of 10 How To Fish a Streamer From the Bank Above, … Read more

Video spotlight: The Double Haul

Years ago, just prior to going to the Bahamas for my first-ever flats trip, I must have watched the video below a hundred times. I was told by the folks I was fishing with that “You need to know how to double haul” if you’re going to chase bonefish on the flats. Man, were they … Read more

Video spotlight: Ready for spring yet?

I know it’s been a hell of a winter back East, and while it may seem like it’ll never end, my angling pals in the Eastern Time Zone are getting ready to enjoy the best trout fishing between now and next fall. See, while it may seem like winter, it’s damn near spring. By March, … Read more