Video spotlight: The Wader Makers

If you’re like me, you value good gear—stuff that lasts as long as the pricetag indicates it should last. I’m on my third summer with a pair of Simms G4 stocking-foot, zipper-front waders, and they’ve yet to let me down. They will eventually—wear and tear gets to everything. But when they do, it’s comforting to … Read more

Video spotlight: Caddis, Caddis, Caddis

Sometimes the bugs that make Mother’s Day famous for fly fishers don’t adhere to the calendar, but it’s generally pretty close. From the Arkansas the Yakima to the Henry’s Fork, the first couple weeks of May typically mean it’s time for caddis flies. I had an epic caddis day on the Warm River, a tributary … Read more

Video spotlight: The Sallee Boys

Ah, sibling rivalries. Anybody who has a brother or a sister understands exactly what it’s like to compete with those closest to you for everything from the food put on the table at night to the fish that come to hand. Meet the Sallee brothers—one is a musician and the other is robotics application engineer. … Read more

Video spotlight: WWHD Pebble Mine

In today’s polarized political landscape, it’s not uncommon to have federal agencies and their directives change drastically when administrations change. Take the Environmental Protection Agency, for instance, and its findings in 2015 that hard-rock mining in Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed would likely prove harmful to the region’s salmon runs—it’s home to half of the world’s … Read more

Video spotlight: Trevor Sithole, Fly Fishing Guide

A lot of anglers don’t know that trout swim in the cold, clear rivers of South Africa—brown trout are common, having been planted in African waters well over a century ago. And Trevor Sithole, who lives in the village of Thendela in the KwaZulu province of South Africa, guides anglers for browns in his local … Read more

Video spotlight: Trout of steel

The rainbow trout fishery of Bristol Bay is simply legendary. With hundreds—maybe thousands—of miles of salmon streams that flow from the headwaters of the drainage to the sea, it’s easy to see why rainbow trout are so vibrant and plentiful, given the food base. Alaska Sportman’s Lodge, run by all-star TU volunteer Brian Kraft, is … Read more

Video spotlight: Flip Pallot

“Things get said in a skiff that wouldn’t get said in a confessional,” Flip Pallot says. No kidding. As a trout guy, I’ve always said that the truth always comes out around a campfire. And I’d love to share a campfire conversation with Flip Pallot. As a formative fly fisher in my 20s and early … Read more

Video spotlight: Atlantic Salmon Reserve

Imagine a river system where management depends on the lightest possible human footprint. Where trees aren’t cut. Trails aren’t improved. Rivers left to flow on their own to the sea. Such a place exists, about an hour’s chopper ride from the Russian city of Murmansk, on the remote Kola Peninsula, where Atlantic salmon, arctic char, … Read more