Video spotlight: Flip Pallot

“Things get said in a skiff that wouldn’t get said in a confessional,” Flip Pallot says. No kidding. As a trout guy, I’ve always said that the truth always comes out around a campfire. And I’d love to share a campfire conversation with Flip Pallot. As a formative fly fisher in my 20s and early … Read more

Video spotlight: Atlantic Salmon Reserve

Imagine a river system where management depends on the lightest possible human footprint. Where trees aren’t cut. Trails aren’t improved. Rivers left to flow on their own to the sea. Such a place exists, about an hour’s chopper ride from the Russian city of Murmansk, on the remote Kola Peninsula, where Atlantic salmon, arctic char, … Read more

Video spotlight: The Perfect River

I hear all the time about New Zealand’s south island and its magical trout fishing. I’m sure the fishing is pretty impressive. But I came across this video about a couple of Kiwis wandering up a river on the less-heralded north island. Seems like New Zealanders really do have it all. Video of Fly Fishing … Read more

Video spotlight: Latitude 55 Degrees South

I love the recent trend in fly fishing videos where anglers are transported completely off the grid to chase game fish in far-flung places. And I’m insanely jealous, too. Loop’s video series emotes that jealousy at a pretty regular clip—I desperately want to be the guy who hops off the helicopter and starts casting to … Read more

Video spotlight: Engler

Yeti’s film series on guides is just outstanding. The latest installment, focusing on Colorado northern pike and trout guide Mark Engler, digs pretty deep into the psyche of a socially awkward kid who became a guide because fishing and hunting were the only things that made him happy. Sound familiar? Today, Engler is a celebrated … Read more

Video spotlight: The People We Met: Lars Munk

The Hooke film series focusing on the people who fish is pretty darned cool. Not only do these short films feature some wonderful scenery from Scandanavia and other destinations, but they focus on the people who fish and find ways to incorporate fishing into their lives. Lars Munk is no exception. A Dane now living, … Read more

Video spotlight: 120 Days

Many fly fishers claim obsession. We spend hours and hours hunched over fly tying vises meticulously crafting the right bug for the right fish at the right time of year … or even the right time of day. We load up on thousands of dollars worth of gear—whether we really need it or not. We … Read more

Video spotlight: Using nippers to beat knots

If you’re like me, and not the perfect fly caster in the wind, you’ve experienced your share of wind knots that have fouled up a solid hook-set or just made tough casting even harder. Getting wind knots is easy, really. Getting them untangled? Not so much. In the video below, Joe Shafer shows a simple … Read more