Video spotlight: Olympic Peninsula Steelhead

Steelhead fishing is an exercise in patience, no matter where you chase these majestic fish. My first two steelhead trips were fruitless endeavors—I spent hours casting over Idaho’s Salmon River with nothing to show for it but a sore shoulder a bout with frustration. It’s a thinker’s brand of fishing, which makes it easy to … Read more

Video spotlight: The Dorado

What do you get when you send one of the world’s best-known steelhead anglers into the Bolivian jungle with a spey rod? Some pretty impressive cinematography, to start. This is a land of wild rivers teeming with toothy fish, high-canopied jungles sheltering everything from jaguars to snakes as long as some of the dug-out canoes … Read more

Video spotlight: Brook Trout Country

Our video post yesterday on an upcoming brook trout film got a lot of traction—it’s clear that I’m not the only guy out there who loves brookies, even if catching them here in the West means I’m catching a non-native fish that’s likely contributed to the decline of native cutthroat trout. Let’s be completely clear … Read more

Video spotlight: Chasing Brook Trout

Here’s one for the romantics in fly fishing—a teaser video to larger project to come about chasing native brook trout. I grew up in Colorado, fishing for introduced brookies in small headwater streams in the Rocky Mountain high country. As a kid, I had no idea that the fish I caught didn’t belong in the … Read more

Video spotlight: Pira

The golden dorado is a bucket-list fish, sure. Ranging from Andes headwater rivers in Bolivia all the way to the southern marshlands of coastal Argentina, they are an amazing fly rod fish and one that has gained a lot of admiration over the last decade or so. The video above highlights the fly fishing for … Read more

Video spotlight: Buena Suerte

I love rock-hopping and chasing wild trout under the canopy—it’s one of the many visceral experiences that fly fishers can collect over time spent afield. For me, chasing wild brook trout in cold, clear Appalachian waters is among the finest of times spent with a fly rod in hand. When I first saw the video … Read more

Video spotlight: Down and Across

Spey casting is becoming a much more mainstream angling method for big-river fishing, and not just for steelhead and salmon. I’m starting to see spey casters on the South Fork and the Henry’s Fork of the Snake with regularity, chasing rainbows, cutthroats and browns in sweeping runs and throwing 100-foot casts with so little effort … Read more

Video spotlight: New England Mountain Fly Fishing

Being a western guy with roots in the Rockies, my angling experience in the mountains of New England is pretty limited. I did spend a great afternoon several years ago chasing fat rainbows in Connectictut’s upper Farmington River before being chased away by a rainstorm, and I got to fish some Adirondack streams for native … Read more

Video spotlight: Fly Fish Utah

Utah’s been in the news a lot lately thanks to the state’s elected leadership and its efforts over the last few years to seize or sell public lands from every American who owns them. As anglers, many of us know that Utah is wonderful fishing destination, and that most of the great trout fishing in … Read more

Video spotlight: The Evolution of Nymphing

Like a lot of fly anglers of late, I’ve started to employ longer leaders when I nymph, in the fashion of the tried-and-true European nymphing techniques that have been winning fly fishing world titles for decades. I was so pleased to see that American competitive fly fishers Lance Egan and Devin Olsen have now produced … Read more