Streamer fishing with a Euro-nymph rod

If you have any questions about Euro-nymphing, competitive angler Lance Egan likely has the answers. And if you’re just using your long Euro-nymphing rod for, well, Euro-nymphing, you might be just scratching the surface. Above, Lance uses a typical Euro-nymph rig to bounce streamers along the bottom … and he’s catching fishing doing it. Euro … Read more

Euro-nymphing: Getting flies into the strike zone

Euro-nymphing is all the rage these days, and that’s because it works. Drifting weighted nymphs through fishy runs using longer rods and the “high-stick” technique can be deadly for trout around the world, as competitive European fly fishers have shown for years. Above, Jesse Haller from Orvis talks about getting flies down to the right … Read more

Trout is King

It’s getting warmer outside. Spring is actually springing, and that means summer isn’t far off. Soon, it’ll be time to camp next to high-country trout water and sight-fish to feeding fish. I can’t wait. And short films, like this little gem above from Carpe Dieme featuring wild brown trout fishing in Scandinavia, don’t help with … Read more

Five flies for April

The guys at Trouts Fly Shop in Denver hit the Colorado River recently, and they did some serious damage to the river’s lively browns and rainbows using baetis imitations. Baetis, often imitated in the dun form by the venerable Blue-winged Olive, are great springtime flies, and among the first mayflies to emerge and hatch when … Read more

High-sticking with an indicator

Indicator nymphing has long been an accepted method for reaching trout that are feeding throughout the water column. But not everybody employs the high-stick method when using an indicator, and they should. It really improves your chances. Above, Orvis’ Pete Kutzer demonstrates how to incorporate a high-stick method with a traditional indicator rig (not everybody … Read more

From Bigotry to Brook Trout

We’ve all heard stories about the healing power of water and fly fishing. At Trout Unlimited, our chapters and volunteers devote significant resources to helping physically and emotionally wounded veterans heal from the horrors of war. But it’s more than that. Ask any die-hard fly fisher why they fish, and, after getting through all the … Read more


The effort to save wild salmon from California to Alaska has been costly, and with a few notable exceptions, largely ineffective. Humankind, over the centuries, has continually put up obstacle after obstacle for wild salmon to conquer, and the numbers are dwindling. Video of Artifishal | The Fight to Save Wild Salmon The new film, … Read more

Video spotlight: How to water haul

Throwing big streamers, heavy “hopper-dropper” rigs or multiple-nymph rigs can be a bear to cast. While a traditional cast can work, anglers open themselves up to potential errors—and potential tangles—if they’re not very careful casting these rigs. Video of Fly Casting | How to Water Haul Above, Pete Kutzer of Orvis demonstrates a super-simple method … Read more

Video spotlight: Fly Fishing Chicken

With lines like, “There’s a lot of perks to fishing with a chicken,” to an awkward scene involving a healthy portion of KFC, Captain Quinn’s new “Fly Fishing Chicken” film will have you laughing and cringing—and probably at the same time. Video of AMAZING Fly FISHING CHICKEN – Unbelievable True Story!!!! Give Quinn points for … Read more