Out of sight, out of mine?

An abandoned mine overlooks Lion Creek drainage near Empire, Colorado By Randy Scholfield We are bouncing along in four-wheel drive vehicles, high in the Clear Creek watershed west of Denver, overlooking beautiful forest vistas and steep hillsides laced with snowmelt creeks. We are here with a group of reporters to show them a dark secret … Read more


Interpretive sign on the Carmel River, spring 2019. It was while walking a seasonally-dry side channel of my local stream, the Carmel River, over the weekend that I started thinking about a guy from Michigan named John Rapanos. You should know this name, because this fellow—unintentionally, no doubt—could really put the hurt on your fishing. … Read more

Tomatoes for trout

Earlier this month the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change put out a report that told us what every good mother has been saying for decades: Eat your vegetables. Clean your plate. Eat less beef. Finish your beans. True, that’s an oversimplification. But for me it hits home. I spend a fair bit of time worrying … Read more

Woodworking for brook trout in the Vermont forest

By Zack Hoisington On July 14, 2019, I found myself in uncharted territory, driving north through upstate New York on highway 87 into Adirondack State Park.   As the sun started to lower, I noticed a sign for Montreal. Although I have spent very little time in this part of the country, something told me I was going the wrong direction. I had … Read more

The Dark Side

The author’s brother, gone over to the Dark Side. Last week I went to what my brother and lifelong fishing partner calls “the Dark Side.” That would be fishing in warm, still water for largemouth bass and northern pike, mostly with conventional tackle. We always get a laugh out of this, because neither of us … Read more

On grayling and guilt

Returning to the valley a year after surgery. The way I figure it, they probably stopped her heart around 1 p.m. The bypass machines kicked on and in my mind they sounded like the soothing white noise of a ceiling fan. Peaceful. I don’t know if a person subconsciously takes in any noise during surgery, … Read more

Small-stream tactics in the age of non-native invasives

Native Rio Grande cutthroat trout. Contrary to many conservation-minded anglers, I am one who believes that, along with cockroaches, coyotes and Siberian elm trees, brown trout will survive the apocalypse. They possess many of the traits we Americans admire most: they are intelligent, confident, adaptable, rugged, ambitious and breathtakingly handsome. And for the time being … Read more