Voices from the River: Public access

By Dave Ammons I’m pretty sure that woven into most rivers in North America are intervals of private and public water, and the river I fish is no different. I am privileged to have access to nearly a mile of private water, a beautiful mix of long runs, boulder-strewn pocke ts, and stretches of riffles … Read more

Voices from the River: The Bend

By Dave Ammons My earliest memories of The Bend were of grand childhood adventures. We skipped stones, a challenge in riffles and rapids. We built rock rings to hold small fires where we cooked hot dogs on sticks freshly snapped and stripped from a willow on the bank. We s plashed at the water’s edge … Read more

Voices from the River: A man for all seasons

Dean Finnerty, man for all seasons. By Sam Davidson Many people working for TU did not start in trout and salmon conservation. Among the former corporate lawyers, loggers, resource age ncy staff, newspaper reporters, and outdoor educators now employed by TU, Dean Finnerty joins a select few who previously worked in law enforcement. Dean grew … Read more

Voices from the River: The ROI of poppies

By Dave Ammons For about two weeks in late June, the garden off the cabin deck explodes in the brilliant red-orange shades of the Papaver rhoeas, common poppies whose seeds were first sown in that spot by my grandfather years ago. I imagine him scratching the soil, strewing a few handfuls of seed indiscriminately, perhaps … Read more

Voices from the River: Grouse

By Eric Booton It’s early and it takes some encouragement to get my wife out of bed and ready to roll. I amazingly manage to botch the breakfast burritos in the microwave and spill her coffee all over the kitchen. It’s a morning reminiscent of most summer or fall weekend in the Booton house, except … Read more