Voices from the River: The ONE bug

By Kirk Deeter I love off-beat, impossible-to-answer questions like these: What fly pattern do you think has caught the most fish in the history of the world? What do you think is the most common fly in the boxes of anglers throughout the world? Of course, I always get the “If you had ONE fly…” … Read more

Voices From the River: Hand-me-downs

I grew up chucking big Rapalas and Beetle Spins at bass in farm ponds and lakes in Kansas—it was a great way to learn some basics of casting and working a lure. I remember my Dad (who in most respects is not a patient man) patiently showing me how to tie an improved clinch knot … Read more

Voices from the River: Pushing the season

(Above) The Lost River Range rises in the distance. Photo by Rachel Andona. (Below) The campfire, where winter washes away. Photo by Cameron Hunt. By Chris Hunt I’ve been known to push the season. As a newspaper reporter some 25 years ago in Buena Vista, Colo., I showed up to cover an April town council … Read more