Voices from the River: Mutual Respect

Who taught you a respect for the river? As an interviewer it’s a simple question, right? Ten years ago, I would never have imagined paying attention as I do today when a father and daughter speak about a family tradition of loving and respecting the river. Things change, people grow and we develop a game … Read more

Voices from the River: Who’s your hero?

TU’s own Tom Reed casts to native Colorado River cutthroat trout in the Wyoming Range. by Chris Hunt I got a note today from someone who read a piece by my fellow Trout Unlimited communicator, Brett Prettyman, on John Weis, a late TU volunteer from Utah who was involved in his local chapter in the … Read more

Voices from the River: Old Blue

by Chris Hunt It was bright blue when I first crawled into it as a 12-year-old kid. Its paper-thin nylon hardly seemed sturdy enough to stop a breath of wind, let alone protect its occupants from whatever it was that wandered the woods at night. That wispy little barrier, though, provided real emotional security for … Read more