Voices from the River: Fishing dogs

By Chris Hunt The low grumble in Phoebe’s throat grew into a steady growl, and her floppy ears perked up. She stared across the Little Greys River Canyon in the fading twilight, clearly interested in something across the river. “Hush,” I said instinctively, nursing a gin and tonic and staring into the flames that were … Read more

Voices from the River: The Princess

Photo by Rachel Andona By Chris Hunt A year ago, I was well into the British Columbian interior, motoring north toward my eventual destination at Deadhorse on the Arctic Ocean, a new camper in tow, many miles to go and about six weeks to get there and back. It was a marathon pocked by dozens … Read more


We hopped out of the canoe at the head of a big rapid. Truthfully, we could probably have made it through, but our Ojibwe guides Keith and Joe didn’t want to take any chances, and possibly put a damper on an otherwise perfect day on the water. We were floating and fishing a little no-name … Read more