Voices from the River: Flossing

by Eric Booton The midnight sun came and went. We are so accustomed to the unending daylight that we neglected to pack headlamps. We were already run out a fishing hole earlier in the evening by black bear and passing anglers were warning us of a momma brown bear with cubs. It wasn’t the most … Read more

Voices from the River: Angler etiquette

Combat fishing in Alaska at its finest. By Dave Atcheson My reasons for fishing vary. Sure, sometimes it’s utilitarian; to fill the freezer, but more often than not it’s about the experience. It’s about connecting to the outdoors, to something larger than myself, the sense of peace and relaxation that only comes streamside. This is … Read more

Voices from the River: Pandora

By Chris Hunt We had a moment this week, my youngest brother and I. As we struggled through the instructions that came with the Sam’s Club charcoal grill we’d hustled to the store to acquire while three juicy ribeyes sat stoically on the kitchen counter, we connected through music and memory. We have one thing … Read more

Voices from the River: Cutthroat Country

A Bear River cutthroat landed at Bear Lake in Utah. Courtesy Paul Thompson/Utah DWR. By Brett Prettyman As a kid my boundaries were marked by street names. Pinehill Drive. Arrowhead Lane. Vine Street. State Street. The borders eventually expanded to counties, forests, states and countries. While driving over a mountain pass recently I realized at … Read more

Voices from the River: No pain, no gain

By Chris Hunt The thermometer on my dash read a cold 33 degrees. The calendar claimed it was June 13. Sadly, both were accurate. Welcome to Yellowstone. As I topped Craig Pass heading north, snowbanks still lined the Grand Loop Road, and more was falling. My wiper blades could keep the the white stuff off … Read more