The Odyssey’s exploration of human impact on anadromous fish within the lower Columbia River.

almon on a fork illustrating the canning business. Photo: Matteo Moretti

The Odyssey team’s journey started in typical Pacific Northwest fashion, a little bit of sunshine, and a fair amount of rain. We set out this morning to explore the greater Astoria area to develop an understanding of how humans are impacting anadromous fish on the lower part of the Columbia River. Our mission began at … Read more

5 Rivers Odyssey: Theodore Benjovsky

Editor’s note: The TU Costa 5 Rivers Program is sending a handful of college students to the Columbia River drainage in the Northwest to fish and explore the myriad challenges facing trout and salmon in the region. I am Theodore Benjovsky, and just recently graduated from the University at Buffalo with a Bachelor’s of Science … Read more

How to double-haul

I was reminded this week of the importance of being a good caster and not getting too dialed into your more frequent fly-fishing targets. I live in eastern Idaho. Trout country. A long cast on a small backcountry trout stream might be 30 feet, and that’s rare. But Idaho boasts more than trout, and this … Read more

High-sticking with an indicator

Indicator nymphing has long been an accepted method for reaching trout that are feeding throughout the water column. But not everybody employs the high-stick method when using an indicator, and they should. It really improves your chances. Above, Orvis’ Pete Kutzer demonstrates how to incorporate a high-stick method with a traditional indicator rig (not everybody … Read more

Video spotlight: How to water haul

Throwing big streamers, heavy “hopper-dropper” rigs or multiple-nymph rigs can be a bear to cast. While a traditional cast can work, anglers open themselves up to potential errors—and potential tangles—if they’re not very careful casting these rigs. Video of Fly Casting | How to Water Haul Above, Pete Kutzer of Orvis demonstrates a super-simple method … Read more