Ponderosas have secrets

The giant ponderosa peers over blue-green water cascading and flowing around boulders, plunging into pools and meandering in eddies. This tree must be well over 100-years old. It stretches skyward with giant, twisted branches leading to more twists and turns extending over a spectacular reach of river. The pumpkin and burnt-orange bark has splits and cracks in its puzzle-like texture and its hunter-green needles extend long at each … Read more

Streamer fishing with a Euro-nymph rod

If you have any questions about Euro-nymphing, competitive angler Lance Egan likely has the answers. And if you’re just using your long Euro-nymphing rod for, well, Euro-nymphing, you might be just scratching the surface. Above, Lance uses a typical Euro-nymph rig to bounce streamers along the bottom … and he’s catching fishing doing it. Euro … Read more