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Bow River Report -September 21, 2017

The weather in the last couple days has brought the BWOs on big time and there's fish eating them!
A mid-afternoon text from a guide on Wednesday says "Most heads I've seen since the flood".
There is also a lot of October Caddis kicking around so a big bug will work as well. Don't be afraid to twitch and skate them a little.

As for the streamer and nymph fishing. other than a little dropper action using boatman type stuff under the big caddis, who cares! There's rising fish and foam bug action out there people.

More and more Boatmen kicking around as well.

Hatches: October Caddis, BWO's, Water Boatmen

Dry Flies: Trina's October Caddis, Smoke Jumper-BWO #18,
CDC Winged Emerger-BWO #18, Parachute Adams #20

Nymphs: B/H Prince Nymph, Morrish Anato-May, Tungsten Soft Hackle,
Tung Dart-Black

Streamers: Skiddish Smolt, Kreelex Minnow, Bow River Bugger,
Clouser Minnow

Seven-day forecast 

Great fall fishing!

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