Barbless Flies

About Us

Barbless Flies was originally conceived whilst fishing a small Wiltshire river in late 2010. I had got to the bank and was tackling up and just about to head into the river when I realised that I had left my forceps (used to de-barb my flies) back at home. The thought then struck me that it was nearly impossible to buy ready-made barbless flies of sufficient quality from any of the normal online retailers. After further thought I then promptly did nothing and completely forgot about it!

Then in early 2012, when the same thing happened again, I decided that if other retailers were not going to address the market, then I would have a go at doing it myself and Barbless Flies was formed.

We aim to bring to the market a wide range of barbless flies, all professionally tied to extremely high standards using first-class materials. We also aim to innovate, hopefully, you will see that if you have a look at what products we have to offer.

I do understand that any retailer (especially online) stands and falls by the quality of its customer service. Therefore we aim to meet and where possible, exceed your expectations.

A bit about myself. I only picked up a fishing rod again in 2007, after a 20-year break. I really enjoy my fishing, almost exclusively rivers. I now would not be without my 10′ 2# rod. I tend to fish light tackle for small wild trout. I don’t profess to be an expert at fishing, but I do know that if I can supply a quality product at an affordable price then business should be brisk.

We have decided that where we can we would like to help preserve the environment for all the fish in our rivers. We have teamed up with various charities both in the UK and USA and a percentage of our profits are directed to help where we can.

What we do

Welcome to Barbless Flies, supplying barbless flies for the Catch & Release angler.

Here at Barbless Flies, we supply both individual flies and selections to the river & stillwater fly angler. We specialise in supplying fly fishing flies in size 14 and smaller. As you will see from the products on our website, we supply individual and boxed selections of flies (be it either nymphs, dries or a mixture of both). All of the flies we supply we have successfully fished with ourselves and have found them to be long-lasting and excellent imitations. All of the flies featured on this website are hand-tied using quality materials on barbless fly fishing hooks.

All of our products are shipped FREE of CHARGE, to ANYWHERE in the WORLD.

Where we do it

We are an online company focussed on selling flies tied on manufactured barbless hooks. As we are online only, we offer our flies worldwide. This along with FREE postage on any order to anywhere in the world means every angler has access to quality flies at affordable prices.


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