Colorado Fly Fishing Art

About Us

My name is Dave Richardson. I am a Colorado native, a dedicated fly angler and a professional full time sculptor. I’m an elected sculptor member of the National Sculptor Society (NSS). I am passionate about using sculpture to express the beauty of fly fishing and the importance of conservation.

Fly Fishing Art:

Fine Art Bronze:

What we do

I have taken my passion for sculpting and applied it to fly fishing. What I am doing is truly unique and one of a kind. During 2020 I was racking my brain on ways to create affordable, high quality, handmade sculptures to introduce to the wide world of anglers. After several months of drafting and prototyping I have come up with wall relief sculptures displaying very recognizable flies. The sculptures also come with a wooden peg so they can double as a free standing sculpture to be placed on a table or mantel if you prefer not to hang them. The product is made of high quality cast resin with sterling silver powder and I hand paint each one with top-notch acrylic paint. The sculptures are very durable and need no maintenance. I also take photos during my journeys on the water so prints will be available as well as belt buckles cast in bronze and hand finished by me.

Where we do it

I do all the work, besides metal casting, at my home studio in Berthoud, CO. The metal casting for the belt buckles is done in Berthoud by MADD Castings. As for the photos, one can always take a guess at where I have been or will be going. I can tell you this, all the photos are snapped in beautiful Colorado.


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