Old Riverton Inn

About Us

This New England landmark is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. If the walls could talk they might tell tales of the early days when the Inn was known as Ive’s Tavern, a welcome sight on the old Albany to Hartford Post Road. They might mention the many restorations and expansions through the years, and certainly, they would speak about the growth of furniture making in Riverton, where the famous Hitchcock chairs were produced for over a century. A favorite story would tell of Harper Lee’s many visits because she so enjoyed the area as a place to write. There were several rival stage companies in operation between New Hartford and Riverton. Each stage driver stopped at his favorite inn, where he received special favors in return for bringing his passenger to that tavern.

What we do

We offer 10 rooms for overnight accommodations with many having views of the river. Awake in the morning to a fully cooked breakfast with the ability to cater to many different dietary choices.

Royal Coachman Tavern will open within the Old Riverton Inn in April 2020. The Tavern will have a full menu, beer on tap and your favorite spirits.

Where we do it

436 East River Road
Riverton, CT 06065


Email Adam L Towers <adamtowers2018@gmail.com>
Phone (860) 379-8678
Website https://www.rivertoninn.com/
Address 436 East River Rd