Rainbow Trout Granola

About Us

Rainbow Trout Granola began with a love for adventure and the outdoors. In 2010, Jakie’s eight-year-old son Peter took a recipe shared with his family while on a fly fishing trip and began selling it to friends and other customers. For 10 years he was a successful entrepreneur, growing his customer base to include corporate clients and a boutique hotel in Virginia. Everyone loved his classic, handmade granola. When he was ready to go off to college, his customers were wondering where they would get their go-to fuel for the day.

That’s where Jakie Bowles and her good friend Ashley Wallace stepped in. The duo has a trusted relationship from working together and partnering on many volunteer projects in Richmond over the years. It was a bonus that Ashley was one of Peter’s frequent customers and loves the granola. So in 2020 they embarked on a new adventure to share healthy and delicious Rainbow Trout Granola far and wide!

What we do

Rainbow Trout Granola is a classic granola – handmade with a blend of oats, almonds, honey and cinnamon in our small commercial bakery in Richmond, Virginia. Our granola is sold locally in several markets, delivered locally directly to customers, but also shipped across the U.S.A. to many happy customers who enjoy the delicious taste of our healthy granola. We focus on best quality ingredients of vanilla, cinnamon, sesame seeds and almonds. Our classic flavor pairs well with your favorite additions like yogurt, berries and fruit or milk… or simply by the handful! Rainbow Trout Granola is a good source of fiber and low in sodium. Made in small batches since 2010 with ingredients you know. Thank you for supporting our small business!

Where we do it

For 10 years, Peter Bowles, Jr. made Rainbow Trout Granola in his family kitchen. When he turned 18 and left for college in fall of 2020, his mother, Jakie, bought the business with her good friend, Ashley Wallace. In October of 2020, Jakie and Ashley signed a lease for space in a tiny strip mall close to their homes. They spent a month transforming what was a tutoring center into a commercial kitchen outfitted with four commercial ovens and approved baking equipment. The kitchen, which between the two of them they affectionately refer to as “The Lodge”, officially opened for business in November, 2020. From The Lodge, they bake, deliver locally and ship Rainbow Trout Granola across the U.S.A.


Email Jakie Bowles and Ashley Wallace   <RTGranola@gmail.com>
Phone (804) 938-5253
Website http://www.rainbowtroutgranola.com
Address 9109 Quioccasin Road
Richmond, VA