About Us

As an artist based in Massachusetts, I create custom wood cutouts with your choice of landscape or favorite fishing spot. Fishing and creating art has always been two full time hobbies, and REcreations is the culmination. These customs pieces make great decorations for your beachside bungalows, or lakeside cabins! A custom cutout also makes an excellent gift for the fishing enthusiasts in your life.

What we do

All of my pieces are custom made and unique! Cutting the wood shape you choose, sanding, staining, and painting, all done by hand. The pieces you find on our website or social media cannot be recreated, but provide an idea for what your custom piece could look like. When you purchase your artwork, you’ll be proud to know that yours is truly a one of a kind!

Where we do it

From humble beginnings, each piece is painted in my studio apartment in Hamilton Massachusetts. With your purchase, you’ll know that it plays a huge role in fulfilling my dream of owning a workshop, and painting for a living!


Email Scottie A. McCulloch <>
Phone (978) 998-1113
Address 57 Sharon Rd.
S. Hamilton, Massachusetts