Stone Arch Tattoo & Co.

About Us

Stone Arch Tattoo & Co is a worker owned Tattoo Company. Offering 100% custom tattooing unique only to individual clients. We primarily tattoo in a traditional style but are open to all styles and art avenues. Charlie Forbes is a 20+ year tattoo veteran and is well versed in many different venues of tattoo work. That being said, he tends to gravitate towards tattooing anything outdoor themed and even more specifically anything fish and or fish related.
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What we do

Custom Tattoo Work.
We also head Conservation work within our community. Specifically for the Mississippi River Watershed located a few blocks from the shop.

Where we do it

At the foot of the Stone Arch Bridge on the North Side of the Mississippi. Located within a stone building on the Historical Register built in 1884.
Stone Arch Tattoo & Co.
129 6th Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN


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Phone (612) 402-7487
Address 129 6th Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN