About Us

SWZLE got its start as a napkin idea at Soho House in Chicago in 2018, when Phil Causgrove, former director of business development for Bucketfeet, approached Ryan Mundy, former NFL star and founder of Techlete Ventures. Inspired by the Seattle initiative to ban all plastic straws, Causgrove and Mundy made a case for environmental change to reduce waste, specifically by reducing single-use plastics.

In October 2020, 4Honor Brands, LLC, an honorable family company founded by honorable people, for honorable people, acquired SWZLE. We are family of Veterans, first responders, medical professionals, and educators– we all live to help others. Now are doing all we can to help our environment, specifically our waterways.

When you purchase your stainless steel straws from SWZLE, you don’t just get reusable straws, you also get a great looking carrying case for your straw that you can take with you anywhere you go! But we’re not going to stop there. You can look forward to more great things from SWZLE in the future. 10-15 years ago, not many people carried reusable water bottles with them, and now it is common to see the majority of people with a reusable water bottle on their desk, in hand, in a bag, or their car, etc. As more cities and states outlaw single-use plastic straws, the demand for reusable straws to be portable will increase.

What we do

People in the US throw away half a billion plastic straws a day. Millions make their way into the oceans, hurting sea life and washing up on beaches.

That’s why we make SWZLE straws, the beautiful, reusable, polished stainless steel straws. Each one lasts for years, replacing thousands of single-use plastic straws.

Our straws come in a choice of cool colors and customizable cases, helping you look sippin’ good while doing your part to protect the oceans and waterways of this great planet.

Where we do it

Without your help, our waterways and oceans will be overcome by plastics, harming wildlife, fish, and the natural beauty that is our great Earth. You can #swzlewithus anywhere you go! Going hiking, backpacking, camping, or fishing? You’ll need to stay hydrated and you know your drinks taste best through a straw, so throw your SWZLE Pack with two reusable straws and cleaning brush in your bag and you’ll be ready to go!

SWZLE, Where sustainability meets portability, would like to be with you wherever you travel! Check us out on social media and at swzle.com to learn more.


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