Tornado Anchors

About Us

The Tornado Anchor is a new “spin” on anchor systems. Engineered to contour to the river bottom, the revolutionary design of the Tornado Anchor allows more surface-edge contact. This increase in contact area creates more uninterrupted drag, stopping your boat faster. The Tornado Anchor uses a patent-pending design, developed using the latest CAD software. The anchor consists of a series of stacked blades which independently rotate to conform to ever-changing conditions. As the blades rotate, the shape of the anchor changes, allowing more linear-edge surface area to grip and dig into the river bed.
Simply put, the Tornado Anchor works better than traditional lead anchors. Period.
Stop when you want, where you want.

The Tornado Anchor is the evolution of the drift boat anchor.

What we do

The Tornado Anchor is designed to hold better and keep lead out of our aquatic ecosystems by eliminating lead in the manufacturing process entirely, with steel plates around a center axis that clips directly to your anchor rope system. When employed, the plates move freely and create more bite, holding your watercraft securely in place. Compared to traditional anchors, from chain to lead pyramid to other lead-free designs, the Tornado Anchor is simply better.

Where we do it

All Tornado Anchors are proudly made in the USA.


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