Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics

About Us

OSPT is a group of steelhead anglers from the Pacific Northwest, who have brought the principles of Skagit-style casting from that world into the trout and warm-water angling scene, with more applications being realized regularly. Skagit-style spey casting allows us to fish in places previously that were unfishable due to backcasting constraints.

What we do

We sell a wide variety of products, but are perhaps best known for our Skagit-style Spey lines, consisting of Skagit-style Commando shooting heads, our Lazar low memory mono running lines, an integrated shooting head/running line system, and assorted sinking and floating tips to compliment everything. We're the first line company to truly accommodate single-handed spey casting with lines under 300 grains, and as such we can accommodate single-handed or two-handed rods from 7.5 foot 3wt's up through 14' 8wt rods. We're also known for our fly tying components and materials, with our more popular products being our barred and dotted Signature Ostrich Intruder Drabs, Composite Loop Dubbing Spinner, Shank Chuck, assorted types and lengths of shanks for tying Intruder-style and articulated patterns, as well as hooks and components for these style flies.


James Iwase
Phone: (206) 858-8476
Website: https://pureskagit.com/


12644 Interurban Avenue South, Building 3
Tukwila, Washington 98168
United States