Conneaut Creek

Tip of the week 

Work the water slowly, those water temps are slow!! A slow streamer retrieve has been the ticket for success.

Seven-day forecast 

With the recent higher water we had, fish have spread a bit more through the system. Fish are holding more in the pools, so be sure to work them slowly and effectively before moving on!

Must Have Flies 
Zonker White, Olive, Black, 4, 8 Buy from
Krystal Bugger White, Olive, Black, 6, 8, 10 Buy from
Woolly Bugger Olive, Black, White 6, 8, 10 Buy from
Tungsten Nemec Stone Nymph Black 8 Buy from
Lynch's Double Dot Egg Pink, Orange 10,12 Buy from
Egg Fly Pink, Orange 10,12 Buy from
Orvis Westlake

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