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Hey there, welcome to the Northern Rockies group. Tell us a bit about yourself! Where do you live? Where do you fish? What do you like to do other than fishing? What's your all-time favorite fly or lure?



said on Sunday, December 30th, 2012

Thanks for the "Welcome!"
I live in Loveland, CO. About 45 minutes from Estes Park and the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. Big Thompson River, is only minutes away, and the Poudre River is close as well. These are my favorite hang outs, however, I want to branch out and explore other areas this year. I've fished with my son in Wyoming a bit, but only towards Rob Roy Lake and some of those tributaries out there.

I'm in construction. I've been in construction for over 40 years now, and for the most part, have ridden the ups and downs of the economy and am still here. I'm a Senior Superintendent for GE Johnson Construction out of Colorado Springs. I've worked all over.

Married to my best friend for over 33 years, have 3 great kids, and 6 perfect grandkids. One on the way.

I got TU's info from Elkhorn Fly Shop the other day. I'd like to get to know others with my same interests. I'm fairly new to fly fishing (about 5 years or so) but have fished my entire life. My grandpa's patience was unsurpassed in getting my line out of trees, bushes, or the bottom of the lake.

New to the site, so forgive me of not responding quickly at first, or not being able to navigate where I should be, until I get familiar.

Looking forward to being able to contribute in a positive way!


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