Benefits to Joining TU?

Hey everyone,

Im a 21 year old fly fisher who is interested in joing TU simply because the gift I would recieve from buying a lifetime memership.  In fact I would be getting the same rod and reel combo as my birthday present anyways, so why not pay an extra $300 dollars to become a lifetime member? So my questions for  you guys are: what benefits do I receive besides stickers, etc.? As a member would I be able to meet up with other members if I take a trip to colorado, if so, would the other members be willing to teach me new techniques? As of now the only benefit that I see from joing for me is the stream access that I would have to the Guadalopue river which would save me $5 owed for the parking. 

If anyone could convince me that would be great!


said on Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Dear Ksm92:

Why become a member of TU? 

Because there is no other organization that does more to make fishing better than TU.  In every corner of the country, TU chapters and staff are working together to make fishing better.  Just last week, your chapter, the Guadalupe Chapter successfully convinced the state to implement changes on the Guadalupe that will lead to four miles of prime water that is less susceptible to heat and drought.  In the words of the chapter President, "This is a great victory for our chapter, and the people of Texas!"

Good fishing doesn't just happen.  It happens because good people who understand the connection between quality habitat and quality fishing get involved--whether that is through becoming a TU member, attending meetings, or meeting with Members of Congress, they get involved. 

Our accomplishments as an organization are many, and impressive.  But it is the people who make TU great.  So, get involved.  And, yes, I'm sure one of the guys in CO will hook you up with a few decent spots to fish, too. 




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