Housatonic River

Hello all:

        I am looking forward to fishing the Housatonic River this year for the first time in 42 years!  I took up fly fishing only five years ago so this will be the first time I have fished the Housatonic so as a fly fisherman.  I am looking for some logistic support.  Is there a "sucker run" on the Housatonic, and if so, when should it generally occur?  Is there a best or a worst time of year to fish the river?  Is there a "best" stretch of the river to fish?  I will be driving a small class B RV (basically a hippie van) to live in while there.  Can anyone suggest where overnight parking might be allowed?  Is there an "Inn" anywhere in the area where I could stay during rainy days?  Thanx for any and all help.  


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