Looking for chapter members


said on Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

That's great. A couple of options; the PPK Chapter will be having a meeting Nov 21, 2013 at the Sportsmans Emporium in Morgantown at 6 pm. The speaker will be Jaimie Holmes, TU's Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program Coordinator for WV. She will be discussing the shale gas drilling and volunteer water quality monitoring program. She also works out of our Thomas, WV office along with the rest of our TU staff.

Another option is always wvangler.com where you can put a feeler out. The new southern WV chapter and the chapter I am starting in central WV have gained some new members due to posting on that forum.

A third option is direct outreach to current members. This is something I can help with as Council Chair.

said on Friday, January 3rd, 2014

Where are you going to locate this Central WV Chapter.


said on Saturday, January 4th, 2014

Hello commrad


We were wishing to locate n Thomas, WV. This is also where the Trout Unlmited staff office is. In which would make it convenient  for other support and facilities. This is not for sure yet. There may be more variable factors to decide that also the interested members whom come on board and support it.  Other consideration would be to have selected secondary & third locations for optional & alternative meeting places to accomidate members traveling. There seems to be interest in the local area of Thomas & Davis to support a new chapter in this part of the state. 

Fisherman in this part of the state find it difficult to travel  2+ hours or more to be involved in a great organization as it may be. The work that could be done would be a great boost to the quality of life for the aquatics and humans. The attraction of having the best spectacular  fishing in hundreds of miles can also elevate the economics of the state.

With that happening we could make it come full circle by having more state funds to help support T.U.'s mission.

I do hope to get more support from fellow fishermen. For any one whom loves fishing here, this is  very important to make this happen !  I truly look forward to support from exsisting fellow T.U. Members. The few interested fisherman will be working on recruiting but invite any help.


take care & watch the rise - John A.

said on Saturday, January 4th, 2014

The North branch of the Blackwater has  super amount of potential and a great  impact on the quality of fishing in the  lower rivers. The coal mine acid pollutants may seem to disseminate some as the river grows but  the negative effect still impacts the lower rivers - Dry fork, black fork, and the mighty Cheat river of Wild & Wonderful West Virginia

please help, John A. 

Tucker county, WV.


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