FVTU Annual Christmas Fly Swap

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Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 - 4:30pm

Sign up today for the annual Flathead Valley Christmas Fly Swap. The event is held at our annual Christmas Social and Fly Tying Extravaganza, this year held at 7pm on Dec. 17th. We try to get around a dozen entries for our swap. Each participant will tie multiple copies of a single fly pattern. Once entries are closed, you will tie one fly for each member of the swap excepting yourself. We would appreciate if you would tie two additional flies which will be auctioned off as a collection at our May banquet. Please provide a toe tag with each fly to identify the tier. A toe tag is just a tiny piece of paper attached to the hook with your name, the name of the fly pattern and a materials list. The recipe will be used to provide tying information on our web page following the swap. The chapter will provide containers at the December meeting. Each participant will place one fly in each container for other participants. Everyone will wind up with a collection of hand-tied flies tied by each swap participant.

This event is always loads of fun. You will walk away with some beautiful hand-tied flies and learn from some of the best fly tyers in the Flathead Valley. You can sign up on our website at http://www.flatheadtu.org/flyswap.html

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