General Membership Meeting Presentation: Ron Lasko, fly angler/author/artist

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Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 - 10:30pm

Elks Lodge, Coventry-West Greenwich


Ron Lasko


PO BOX 424,

Osterville, MA 02655

Phone 508-428-2128 email


‘A TALE OF TWO RIVERS’ by Ron Lasko, was 5 years in the making and is based on his 25 year study and observation of Cape Cod’s Sea Run Brook Trout.  It is the first full length book written about our New England Sea Run Brook Trout. In 1600 they inhabited every freshwater river and stream that had access to saltwater.  ‘A TALE OF TWO RIVERS’ covers the environmental, cultural and human history of these trout and their watersheds.  Although focused on the two remaining viable fishable Cape Cod Rivers, where once there were 50 watersheds, this story and the lessons learned apply to all Sea Run Brook Trout waters from Long Island to Maine and to all Trout and Salmon waters Coast to Coast and around the World.  ‘A TALE OF TWO RIVERS’ is also about the specialized fly fishing tackle and tactics that Ron recommends  along with Ron’s newly created fly patterns specifically developed for Sea Run Brook Trout and their watersheds.  Ron’s book calls for rehabilitation of these historic watersheds and restoration of the species throughout their former range.  Ron Lasko calls for the creation of our own Sea Run Brook Trout Institute, Museum and Stream Restoration Company.


‘A TALE OF TWO RIVERS’ is scheduled to be reviewed in the Summer Issue of TROUT Magazine by the Director of Communications of TROUT UNLIMITED.  THE ORVIS CO will be carrying the book shortly and Ron will be conducting presentations and book signings at ORVIS’ varied locations.  Ron will be the featured speaker at the Annual Fly Fishing Festival held by the AMERICAN MUSEUM OF FLY FISHING on 8/9/14 in Manchester, Vermont.  Ron is also lecturing at TALES OF CAPE COD, a Cape Wide Historical Preservation Society, who will be preserving’ A TALE OF TWO RIVERS’ permanently in their archives along with Ron’s presentation.  Ron presented and held book signings earlier this year at the NE Fly Fishing Show, the 7th Annual NE Fly Tyer Show, and the 16th Annual Bear’s Den Show.  Since ‘A TALE OF TWO RIVERS’ was released last Summer he has made presentations to dozens of Fishing Clubs, TU Groups, Fly Fishing Shops, Conservation Organizations, Book Stores, Libraries and Land Trusts.  Ron Lasko has been a guest on several Author and Book TV Programs and will be featured on several more this Summer. In addition to US Coast to Coast Sales ‘A TALE OF TWO RIVERS’ has enjoyed sales in NZ, UK, Scandinavia, Iceland, Germany, Canada, South Africa & Europe.


Ron Lasko began Fly Fishing at age 5 in the Catskills of New York.  At age 21 he moved to the Adirondacks where he pursued wild Brook Trout for 6 years.  A career in Management, Marketing & Sales, with multiple State responsibilities, domiciled him in Harford, Boston, New York City and Atlanta.  This allowed Ron to fly fish for trout from Maine throughout the Appalachians all the way to the Great Smoky Mountains of Georgia and Tennessee before making Cape Cod his permanent home.


‘A TALE OF TWO RIVERS’ is Ron Lasko’s first book and it is receiving wide acclaim.  Ron resides on a Trout Pond, minutes from several wild Sea Run Brook Trout rivers where he is currently at work writing several new books on Trout, Fly Fishing, River conservation and their Environment.


Ron concludes ‘A TALE OF TWO RIVERS’ calling for increased efforts regarding the preservation and restoration of our trout and their waters with,  “They have no voice.  They cannot speak for themselves.  Only we can speak for them.”


Copyright May, 2014 by Ron Lasko, author of ‘A TALE OF TWO RIVERS’

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