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Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 - 7:00pm
Agust Gudmundsson will be our guest tier for March. 

Three dry flies to take the edge off of winter.


EMBT (Ed McQuat's Brown Thing)
Hook: Mustad 94831 or other 3x Long Dry Fly hook. (We'll use a 12)
Thread: Brown (sized according to hook)
Tail : Brown Coq-De-Leon (Or any brown stiff fibers Moose, Woodchuck etc.)
Wing: Light Tan Crinkled Poly Material.
Hackle: Grizzly (can use plain but Brown would be better.)
Dubbing : Fly Rite #20

For this fly the only critical ingredients are the FlyRite number 20 dubbing, everything else can be varied as to what you have in stock that somewhat suits the color variation. I tie this in sizes from 20-8, in the smaller sizes I like the TMC 200 hooks as the mustads can straighten out. Some of the bigger hopper hooks tend to be too heavy and are hard to float without a ton of deer hair and foam.
I'll bring enough FlyRite #20 and Poly wing material as well as the Coq-De-Leon for however many folks need it. Hackle folks should bring their own, I have some decent size 12 dry fly hackle but it's a PITA to find good hackle for size 12-8 dry flies.


Apple Core (Spent apple caddis)
Hook: TMC 102Y or 103BL Size 16 (Also effective in 14 or 18)
Thread: Green 8/0
Dubbing: Green Caddis dry fly(Pick your favorite)
Wing / Post: Brown body feather from grouse or partridge.
Hackle: Cream Badger (Hard to find) or Brown
Really any dry fly hook will work, but I like the wide gap and black look on the 102 and 103. I'll have a partridge skin with me for folks to pluck for the wings. I use some old spectrablend Orvis, but they can use really any light green (Granny Smith apple color). My Badger skin is pretty sparse but really any hackle will work for it. I usually tie a few in grizzly because they are easier to see, but the badge works better on picky fish.


Sideways Ant
Hook: Dry fly size to suit 20-14
Body: Closed cell foam (Red, brown or black)
Thread to match body.
Hackle: Dark regardless of body color.
A simple variation of a foam ant. Not a good searching pattern as it spins the leader a bit when making a ton of casts, but a killer on heavily fished streams with picky fish where every cast counts. I have plenty of black and brown foam, if someone wants cinnamon ants they'll need to bring their own.


Support our local fly shops for the materials needed.
Shannon’s Fly and Tackle in Califon
Ramsey Outdoor in Succasunna 
Tight Lines Fly Fishing in Parsippany 
Knot Just Flies in Blairstown
White Water Flies in Lafayette
If you cannot find materials locally, here are a couple of websites that I have used that ship quickly;
The meeting will start at 7:00 - 9:30 PM at the Independence Fire Dept. 24 Cemetery Rd, Great Meadows, NJ 07838. Please use entrance in rear of building. Walk through the bar/lounge and go through door in the back right corner right into the garage (next to the bar) Please park in the back or off to the right side of the Fire House.

Learn not only how to tie the featured fly(s) or your favorite fly, but get advice on what to use in the upcoming season from experienced members. Having trouble with tying a flyor never tied before? Bring your vise and materials to our Tier’s Round Table, learn a new fly and/or get help from other members on other patterns. If you don’t have a vise and tools, no problem we will have vises and tools available to try your hand. 

Note: Please remember to bring a light for your vise, lighting conditions in the building might not be as bright as you may like.

Coffee and snacks will be available as well. If you have a favorite drink you prefer you are welcome to bring it too. 

Check us out on Facebook for more events too!

Tight wraps,
Frank Rosata
Ridge and Valley TU



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