Monthly RVTU Fly Tiers Roundtable

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Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018 - 7:00pm

Join us Wednesday January 3rd at 7pm at the knights of Columbus in Hackettstown for tying night. Where I’ll be demonstrating the following patterns.



Cased Caddis:
Hook: Size 12 3x long nymph
Bead: Brown to match the size of the hook
Thread: Brown 8/0 Or 70 Denier
Tail: Cactus chenille in olive (I can supply)
Hackle/Legs: Partridge 
Dubbing: chocolate brown or similar color



Pheasant Prince:
Hook: size 14 2x nymph or 14 jig hook
Bead: size 14 gold or black nickel
Thread: Olive 8/0 or 70 denier
Tail: Coq De Leon fibers
Body: Olive or natural pheasant tail fibers
Dubbing: spirit river uv2 caddis gray
Wings/horns: White goose biots
Collar: Peacock hurl 



Micro Caddis:
Hook: Dairiki #135 size 22
Bead: Midge size black glass bead
Thread: Black or olive 8/0 or 70 denier
Dubbing: olive, gray or chartreuse rabbit



Support our local fly shops for the materials needed.

Shannon’s Fly and Tackle in Califon


Ramsey Outdoor in Succasunna 


Tight Lines Fly Fishing in Parsippany 


Knot Just Flies in Blairstown


White Water Flies in Lafayette


If you cannot find materials locally, here are a couple of websites that I have used that ship quickly;


The meeting will start at 7:00 - 9:30 PM at the Knights of Columbus 142 Liberty street, Hackettstown NJ 07840. Learn not only how to tie the featured fly(s) or your favorite fly, but get advice on what to use in the upcoming season from experienced members. Having trouble with tying a fly or never tied before? Bring your vise and materials to our Tier’s Round Table, learn a new fly and/or get help from other members on other patterns. If you don’t have a vise and tools, no problem we will have vises and tools available to try your hand. 


Note: Please remember to bring a light for your vise, lighting conditions in the building might not be as bright as you may like.


Coffee and snacks will be available as well. If you have a favorite drink you prefer you are welcome to bring it too. 


Check us out on Facebook for more events too!


Tight wraps,
Tyler Petersen
Ridge and Valley TU

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We have a very active Facebook group page, in which we create pages for the same events we post here.  Our members respond as to whether they are going or not on those event pages.


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