PHYTU 50th Anniversary Spring Banquet - Thursday


said on Sunday, March 9th, 2014


50th Anniversary Drift Boat Raffle

For tickets visit only 300 tickets will be sold!

2013 15' AfterMath
15' Down the Center, 58" Bottom, 78" Wide  at the Oarlocks,  23" Tall @ OarLocks
Tall OarLocks 18" lowest Side

2013 StealthCraft  Galvanized Guide Trailer w/Jack
Torsion Suspension Galvanized 15" Tires, Not Sense Bearings
Rear Roller 1200 Pound Winch On Trailer Tongue

Bottom Protection:
Gel Coat Bottom Color Matched With  Keel Guard Bow Eye Protector.  Gel-Coat has Teflon Additive For Extra Toughness and Slippery Bottom

Sawyer Composite Oars w/ Custom Lettered Wood VG Blades
or CounterBalanced Composite Tips  Oars 9'

Anchor and Accesories:
Side Mount Dierks System with 3 Pulleys, Long Arm in Rear
3"  Stainless Steel Quick Link Caribeaner 35' Anchor Rope

Interior Options:
Front Hood, With Storage Under/Aluminum Hatch Compartment
Front Level Casting Deck, Level with Non-Skid Fishing Surface
and Flush Mount Cup Holders in Floor
Pedestal Front Seat Flush Mount and Laminated Into Floor
Rear Casting Deck With Flush Mount Cup Holders and Screw In
Screw Out Rear Casting Brace with 25" Aluminum Poles
Rear Non Skid Fishing Platfrom
Stealth Grande Box Rower's  Storage
Port Side Rod Holders x4--10' with Tackle Tray Above
Rowing Seat, Removable Rear Seat,
Boat Wired for Lights and Anchor System for Future
All Exposed Fiberglass with Finish Trim
10 Cup Holders 4 Flush Mount Cup Holders
Customer Choice of Standard Colors
5 Position Oar Lock Setting
Rear Motor Mount DiamondPlate
Oarlock DiamondPlate
Unconditional Lifetime Hull Warranty

Extra Options Exterior Skins:
Custom Cloth With Tu Logo

Extra Options Interior:
Single Box Storage
Stealth Squares False Floor In Front  of Rower
Adjustable Foot Brace 5 Position Non Skid on Surface
Upgraded Seat Package Fish ON Double Stuff Seats
Upgraded Taco Marine Rod Holders with Bungee
Rear Canvas Snap Cover Over Rear Hatch Keep Things IN
Upgraded High Back Rowing Seat

Electrial Options:
12 Volt Power Point Under Hood (Stainless Steel Upgraded)
Interior Lights Under Hood Red, Green, Blue, White w/switch
2 -  3 Led Light Head Lights for Bow (Exterior Lights with Switch)
Battery Wired Under Rower's Box  Cut out With Battery Box
Insterstate  Mini Gel Cell

Anchor Options:
Easy Pull Double Pulley Anchor System
Fiberglass Anchor Nest With Finish Trim Made for Anchor

Oar Upgrade:
Oar Holders


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