Big Horn River Fishing Well!

My son Kris and I fished the Big Horn on Saturday, 11/9, from 3 Mile to Big Horn.  Weather was beautiful, maybe a little TOO nice, but the fishing was good.  We were going for some big fish on streamers, but we ran into some good Tan caddis in the afternoon and had very good dry fly fishing with Henryville and Parachute Caddis in size 14.  As the sun came off the water, the streamer fising really picked up!  Kristopher got the big fish of the day about 2 miles above the Big Horn access.  River was in good shape, just a tinge off-color, but plenty fishable.  Lots of Baetis, Tricos, and 2 flavors of Caddis (black #18 and tan #14).  


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