Fishing the White and Norfork Tail Waters

As the Brown trout start their annual spawning migration up river the fishing on the White River is in for a change...even though the perception is that this is the time to target our trophy reality this is the time to leave them alone!

Tailwater fisheries offer a unique situation, yes the Brown trout are moving up river to spawn, but they are not necesarily in the feeding mode. They are in spawning mode and may not actively feed again until post January, February and March is a much better time to try and catch your trophy Brown Trout. Our winter water conditions are typically stable at least in water temperature and food supply. Our fish feed normally all winter and are much more catchable post spawn.

If left alone while on their beds, they will spawn and our next generation of Browns will be in good shape! Do the right thing and respect the redds, leave 'em alone and watch them grow!


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