Madison Float Section 9/3/12

Alice from Riverside Anglers took my mom and I on a float from Lyon's to Palisades on the Madison. My mom had fished on Hebgen Lake once, but other than that had never held a fly rod.

Alice set her up with a nymphing rig and walked her through casting, mending and setting the hook. Before long my mom was getting good drifts and setting up on anything that might stop her indicator.

My mom got a nice brown a little way into the float, and I managed to pull up some smaller fish on a smaller rusty brown parachute. We continued to find a few fish here and there throughout the afternoon. I switched over to terrestrials and started to move a few nicer fish.

While we didn't bring a huge number of fish to the boat, we had a great time and my mom learned a lot. All in all it was a great day on the river.


said on Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Sounds like a great day of fishing. What sort of terrestrials did you get them on?


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