March Fishing Report

March 5, 2014

Welcome to the first Seedskadee Fishing Report.

For most of Wyoming the beginning of March has been a cold and wet one. For the Seedskadee Chapter (STU) the storm has not dropped temperatures like the rest of the state but the moisture has been more than welcome! The Green River through town is almost completely free of ice. 

The BOR is getting nervous, because of a ~160% snow pack above Fontenelle, and has begun to ramp flows to 1500 CFS. This in combo with the recent warm and wet cycle has made the river off color. A few weeks ago Slate Creek and most of the other dry washes have begun running muddy water into the river. 

The fishing has been concentrated to the upper river above Slate Creek Camp Ground, although there may be a shot at some fish through the refuge if you are willing to work at it. The fishing has been decent in the end of February and first few days of March. Nymphing with worms, pink and olive scuds, small (18-16) gray soft hackle, and small (20) black zebra midges have worked. Concentrate on shelves, water 4-6ft deep, and moving at walking pace. Stripping dark buggers, or crayfish imitations could produce some nice fish this time of year, also.

Have fun out there!


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