Millers River May 10

Fished the Millers River near Wendell Depot (Massachusetts) on May 10, 2013.  Air and water both about 67F.  Water temperature a little warm for this time of year.

Very little insect activity.  Saw one mayfly spinner size 14,one Yellow Sally stonefly size 18, and a few caddis (dark body, dark grey wings, about size 14) in the bushes or flying about.

Very few rises, probably  chubs. 

Caught a couple of trout on hare's ear nypmhs; and a couple of chubs (one VERY impressive specimen!) on a stonefly nymph.


said on Thursday, May 16th, 2013
Great report, Jerry. You actually managed to catch the only mayfly you saw? I'm usually about 1 for 20 on actually catching them.

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