Mine reclamation takes partners

Mine reclamation takes partners

Partnerships are critical to getting large tasks accomplished. That’s true in nearly every aspect of Trout Unlimited’s work: from getting legislation passed to ensuring clean water for anglers and access to public lands to habitat improvement projects to help restore...

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Hunting for conservation

CORE Act hits its target as Colorado Rep. Neguse leads public lands legislation to success in Congress Shooting a skunk on the eve of elk hunting season could hardly be considered a good omen. But the unsavory stench wafting in the air as I pulled into my hunting...

Loving the Eklutna Valley

Loving the Eklutna Valley

The Eklutna area is an increasingly favored quick getaway for staff in Trout Unlimited’s Anchorage office. TU’s increased involvement in the efforts to restore the Eklutna River to a healthy and productive state have us spending additional time in the region with zero complaint and we are eager to recommend it to others.

The Chugach National Forest caught up in roadless mess

The Chugach National Forest caught up in roadless mess

Although Alaska Governor Dunleavy’s main target is the Tongass National Forest, where he hopes to revitalize and greatly expand the outdated practice of industrial clear-cut logging of old-growth forest, the Chugach National Forest is also now caught in the crosshairs. (Take action today!)

Hard work has payoffs

Hermosa Creek surrounded by gorgeous San Juan mountains I recently went out with the Five Rivers TU chapter in Durango, Colo., to help plant willows along the banks of the Hermosa Creek. (Full disclosure: I’m on the board of the chapter). Closing in on the final...

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