Annual Meetings - Resources

2015 Annual Meeting - Scranton, PA
2015 Meeting Program
2015 Awards Program
2015 Registration & Contact List
2015 State of TU Presentation
2015 State of the Grassroots Video
2015 State of the Grassroots Presentation
2015 Financial Update
2015 Board of Trustee Report, Election and Bylaw Amendments
A Fresh Look at Member Engagement
Angler Science Presentation
Nonprofit Leadership Presentation
Restoration Stewardship Presentation
The TU Brand Evolution Presentation
TU Brand Book & Logo Downloads
Risk Management Presentation


2014 Annual Meeting - Santa Fe, N.M.

2014 Awards Nomination Form
2014 Award Winners
2014 List of Meeting Attendees
State of TU Presentation
Council Chair Presentation
Council Chair Breakout Notes
Planning & Running Successful Events
Strategies of Effective Chapters & Councils
Board Self-Assessment Worksheet

2013 Annual Meeting - Madison, Wisc.

2013 Awards Nomination Form

2012 Annual Meeting - Asheville, NC

The State of TU (video)
2012 Awards Nomination Form
2012 Awards Nomination Cover Sheet
2012 Award Winners
2012 Meeting Agenda
2012 List of Meeting Attendees
State of TU Financials

2011 Annual Meeting - Bend, OR

The State of TU (video)
The State of TU (powerpoint)
(This file is very large (185MB) and may take a very long time to download. Once the file is downloaded, unzip the file and be sure to keep all of the unzipped files in the same folder, otherwise PowerPoint will not be able to find the required videos.)
Volunteer Operations Tools and Resource
TU's New Integrated Website (PPT)
TU's New Integrated Website (Video)
2011 Annual Meeting Attendee List
General Information
State of the Grassroots

2010 Annual Meeting - Waterville Valley, NH

Annual Meeting Host State Guidelines
These guidelines will help councils interested in hosting an annual meeting submit the mandatory written proposal.

2010 Awards Nomination Form
2010 Expense Report
2010 State of TU

2009 Annual Meeting - Traverse City, MI

Annual Meeting General Documents
State of TU - 1 of 3 (PDF/2.77MB)
State of TU - 2 of 3 (PDF/4.95MB)
State of TU - 3 of 3 (PDF/2.41MB)

VolOps Tools and Resources (PDF/116 KB)

50th Anniversary - Resources

Buy TU 50th Anniversary Gear

50th Anniversary Communications Kit Cover Letter (Word / 29 KB)

50th Anniversary Communications Kit (Word / 95 KB)

50th Anniversary Press Release (Word / 95 KB)

50th Anniversary TU Ad (PDF / 4 MB)

2008 Annual Meeting - Snowbird, UT

2008 Annual Meeting General Documents
    2008 State of TU Presentation (PDF/7 MB)
    2008 Annual Meeting Agenda (PDF/ 103 KB)
    NLC Minutes - September 13, 2008 (PDF/67 KB)
    Board Meeting Minutes - September 14, 2008 (PDF/20 KB)
    State of Grassroots Presentation (PDF/1 MB)
    Responsible Energy Development (PDF/3 MB)
2008 Annual Meeting Workshops
    CSI - What's Been Accomplished and What's Ahead (PDF/2 MB)
    Using the CSI to Set Goals and Develop Local Projects (PDF/189 KB)
    Aquatic Invasive Species Presentation (PDF/1 MB)
    Update on Whirling Disease (PDF/0.5 MB)
    Aquatic Invasive Species and USFS (PDF/3 MB)
    Tax Requirements Presentation (PDF/35 KB)
    Youth Presentation (PDF/271 KB)
2008 Annual Meeting Tools and Resources
    Guide to Volunteer Operations (PDF/112 KB)
    2008 Annual Meeting Sponsors (PDF/138 KB) 

September 16, 2007 Board Meeting Documents

September 16 Meeting Minutes
September 16 Meeting Minutes Appendix A
September 16 Meeting Minutes Appendix B
September 16 Meeting Minutes Appendix C

Stream Access Documents

Access D Memo
Stream Access BoT Memo from Kirk Otey
Stream Access BoT Memo from Bob Teufel


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