2013 Hosted Fishing Day

2013 Hosted Fishing Day Locations

Spring Creeks! Those two words light a fire in the minds of fly fishers everywhere.

The 2013 Annual Meeting in Madison, Wisconsin will give Trout Unlimited members attending the 2013 Meeting a chance to fish one of the world's great spring creek areas. From the Madison area west to the Mississippi River there are literally hundreds of true spring creeks stuffed with quantities of fish that have to be experienced to be believed. These small spring creeks are populated by wild brown and native brook trout that frequently number in the thousands of fish per mile.

This will be the chance for anyone who has wanted to fish light tackle for wild fish in a beautiful environment to experience a fishery that can only be found in a very few places. To be able to experience this fishery while being hosted by knowledgeable TU members who are intimately familiar with the fishery will make for an unforgettable experience. An added bonus may well be that in late September in Wisconsin's hilly Driftless Area the Fall colors are gorgeous.

Sunrise on a restored brook trout spring creek. (Photo Credit: Duke Welter)

This will all be walk-and-wade fishing. A perfect rod would be something in the eight or nine foot range that throws a three, four, or five weight line. Nine or ten foot leaders tapered from 4x to 6x are the order of the day. Late September in Southwestern Wisconsin will most likely still find fish hunting for ants and beetles with possibly some hopper opportunities. Baetis are likely to be hatching. Nymphing is always productive with cress bugs, sow bugs and scuds plus the usual assortment of small nymphs.

Rather than have anglers sign up for a specific stream we are going to ask that people sign up to fish this unique fishery knowing that your host will have some great spots in mind. With the Annual Meeting being held on Madison's west side travel times to the creeks will not be much of an issue, so those joining us for the day will not have to worry about a huge amount of windshield time.

Scrappy wild fish on light tackle. What could be better? We look forward to showing you a great day of fishing.


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