Mining Workgroup

Following the 2016 Annual Trout Unlimited Meeting in Bozeman the Mining Work Group was reassembled. The first order of business was a name change from Hard Rock mining to simply Mining. The change will allow the group to deal with various types of mining and extraction activities not covered by the previous title.

The goal of the new work group will be to provide a type of handbook to assist councils and chapters who need to oppose an extraction project to protect their local cold water resources. Included in the handbook will be strategies for opposing a project, TU staff who are involved in mining and may be valuable resources, contact information about state level mining laws, and what chapters or councils will need to do to get support from the National organization in opposing a project.

The workgroup will also be involved in assisting TU staff focused on mining issues. Helping them to communicate with membership about their projects is a goal of the workgroup. The workgroup will also be open to requests from staff for help in any areas in which we may be able to deliver assistance.

Committee Members

Chair: Kim McCarthy, Wisconsin
Bill Heart, Wisconsin
Dan Short, Montana
Linn Beck, Wisconsin
Henry Koltz, Wisconsin
Chris Jones, Idaho
John Doss, Arizona

TU Staff POC: Warren Colyer and Paul Parson


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