Green River - Below Flaming Gorge

Tip of the week 

Strip streamers off the bank if in a boat, swing streamers if wading. Look for surface feeders and fish Blue Wing's,Hoppers, Ants, Beatles, Caddis, Crickets, and Midge dry flies using a very long 6x leader to gently float the fly directly into the feeding fish.Nymph a egg with a scud or midge dropper also try a Hopper Ant or Cricket with an egg dropper. Nymph drop offs and seamlines.

Seven-day forecast 

Expect good fishing on Streamers, Blue Wng's,Hoppers, Ants, Beatles, and Caddis dry fly!

Must Have Flies 
Chernobyl Ant olive 20-24 Buy from
Hopper grey 18-20 Buy from
Sparkle Dun olive 8-14 Buy from
Woolly Bugger olive-ginger 4-6 Buy from
Low Rider CDC & Elk Caddis black 10-12 Buy from
Schmidt's Junk Yard Dog olive-tan 4-12 Buy from
Doug Roberts

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