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Embrace A StreamSince 1975, TU's Embrace A Stream matching grant program has funded more than 1,050 chapter projects across the country with more than $4.6 million in direct cash grants!

It's our oldest and largest program to support your local work and thanks to you, your chapters and councils, and great corporate partners like Orvis, SweetWater Brewing and RepYourWater – this critical program continues to grow.

This year, we have received over 30 applications for project funding from volunteers like you, in chapters from Massachusetts to Montana and beyond. Our all-volunteer Embrace A Stream Committee will be reviewing these grant applications and deciding which projects to fund – and at what level – at our Annual Meeting in California.

I'm asking all of you, as members, volunteers and chapter and council leaders, to help us ensure this year's Embrace A Stream grants continue to make a difference by supporting this important program in one of the following ways:

  1. Make a donation to support the Embrace A Stream program – Whether you give as an individual, or donate as a chapter or council, your support will help chapters like you restore and improve the home waters they care about as much as you care for your local streams.
  2. Purchase TU brand gear from the SweetWater Brewing Company – You can choose from a great Simms fishing shirt, a Wingo belt, or a Klean Kanteen pint glass and more, and know that 20% of the purchase price is coming back to TU's Embrace A Stream program. What's more, SweetWater will also be matching Embrace A Stream donations with a $20,000 matching grant to the program this year!
  3. Make a donation to the Orvis / TU Embrace A Stream Challenge from Nov. 5-11 – Thanks to a donation of $25,000 from Orvis, we will again be hosting an online competition among the chapters that receive grants where they can win a share of $50,000 in prizes by getting members and supporters to donate to their project. You can see last year's projects, donations and prizes at and save the date to head back there on Nov. 5 to see which chapter projects you'd like to support.

As we continue to grow and improve the Embrace A Stream program, I also hope that you and your chapter or council will consider applying for a grant in future years to help fund a local conservation or education project! Next year's grant application process will begin in March with a special training, so stay tuned.

Your local work is critically important and the effort you and your fellow volunteers put in to restoring rivers, engaging communities and educating youth are always inspiring. Never hesitate to reach out to myself or other members of your Volunteer Operations Staff to talk through ideas you have for growing your chapter or council, questions you might have, or to discuss ways to help fund your great local work!


Lisa Beranek
Leadership Development Manager


Join Us In Redding, Calif. From Sept. 19-23 for an Inspiring Week of Conservation & Camaraderie

Annual MeetingJoin hundreds of TU members, volunteers and staff at our 2018 Annual Meeting in Redding, California from Sept. 19 - 23. The TU Annual Meeting is a powerful celebration of all we've accomplished together in the past year towards our mission to conserve, protect and restore North America's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.

Among the lineup of events you don't want to miss are:

Wednesday, Sept. 19:

  • A day of hosted fishing with local TU volunteers and staff on some of the West's most famed rivers
  • A streamside welcome reception

Thursday, Sept. 20:

  • A conservation tour of projects in the region implemented by volunteers, staff and partners
  • An evening reception under the Sundial Bridge

Friday, Sept. 21:

Saturday, Sept. 22:

  • The State of TU & the Grassroots Addresses
  • The Annual Members Meeting
  • Guest speakers and presentations
  • STREAM Kids event for youth ages 6-14
  • TU California Council fundraising banquet and dinner, Embrace A Stream grant announcements, and Mortenson Award presentation

Sunday, Sept. 23:

Learn more and register now at


Support the Next Generation of TU via the GRTU Tomorrow Fund

Tomorrow Fund

Trout Unlimited’s Headwaters Program is passing on our heritage of coldwater conservation to the next generation! We are pleased to promote and coordinate the GRTU Tomorrow Fund, which was started through an initial donation by the Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited (GRTU) Chapter in Texas meant to challenge others to also step up and give.

Our goal is to raise $40,000 per year via the Tomorrow Fund so that TU’s national youth programs can be sustained well into the future.

Why is the GRTU Tomorrow Fund so important?

Headwaters provides resources to volunteers, educators, and young people that are passionate about TU’s conservation mission, and staff generate all program dollars through grants and donations.

The GRTU Tomorrow Fund promises on-going support for both regional and national trainings, events like the Teen Summit, and the coordination of youth programs in every region where TU is active.

Give Today! Go to

You can also mail a donation directly to Headwaters staff:

TU's Headwaters Youth Program
394 Merrimon Ave
Asheville, NC 28801

Questions? Contact Franklin Tate, Headwaters Program Director,

(All donations will be showcased in a special section of TROUT magazine)


Healing Waters Lodge: TU's "BFF" for Fishing, Conservation & Advocacy in Montana

Healing Waters LodgeEveryone needs someone they can count on – a BFF, in the current vernacular – a best friend forever. The person you can count on when everything else goes south. The person you'd call when the officer says you only get one phone call. The person you'd trust with your life – and more. It's quite possible that if you're a fly angler who cares about wild things and wild places, you have a BFF you may not even know about: Healing Waters Lodge in Twin Bridges, MT.

Mike and Laura Geary own and operate this great fly fishing destination. And even if you didn't fish, you'd want them for your BFF. They're located between Sheridan and Twin Bridges, in the Ruby Valley – the heart of southwest Montana’s finest trout fishing. They fish a host of waters – spring creeks, streams and rivers such as the Beaverhead, Big Hole, Jefferson, Madison and Ruby. Their guides are top-notch, and their accommodations are both authentic and elegant.

But what truly sets Healing Waters Lodge apart is not only the beauty of the fish they take (and then gently return) on these fabled waters, but the love they have for land and the waters of Montana. Mike and Laura are conservationists of renown. When we need help with a campaign to save the Smith River, they step up. When we need help with a ballot initiative in Montana, they’re right there. When TU (and the fish and the habitat they depend upon) need a BFF, Healing Waters Lodge is always there to help.

That's why Healing Waters Lodge is a Gold Level TU Business member!

Get Your Local Business in the TU Business Community

You know that fly shop downtown that always donates gear for the chapter banquet? How about that outfitter that donates a trip every year? Or maybe that guide who always goes out of her way to support the fly fishing clinic?

They're all TU Business members, right? If not, they should be.

The TU Business membership program, is a great way to celebrate and recognize businesses that support TU across all levels of the organization. There are two ways for a business to join: First, by paying the $295 annual membership fee. Or second, by donating goods or services in support of TU.

Over the course of the next year, we'll be featuring some great TU Business members here in Lines to Leaders. Each of the ones we feature became a member through their own generosity. They simply donated over $1,000 in goods or services to a local TU chapter or state council program.

For more information on how to offer your local business supporters a complimentary TU Business membership, contact Walt Gasson at (307) 630-7398 or


Election Season and TU's 501(c)(3)

The 2018 election cycle is in full swing. Because of that, it's a good time to remind your chapter or council officers and directors of the prohibition from endorsing or opposing any candidates for elective office.

The prohibition is found in the federal tax code under provisions that regulate tax-exempt charitable organizations like TU. It applies to the national organization, councils, chapters, or anyone acting on behalf of or in the name of TU. Failure to comply with the prohibition could endanger our tax-exempt status, and therefore the very financial foundation of our organization.

Please bear in mind that in the heat of campaign season anything said in your capacity as a TU volunteer leader regarding how you or someone else should vote for or against a candidate for elected political office could be construed as a TU endorsement or statement in opposition. Of course, these limitations should not affect you in your private, non-TU capacity, just please be careful not to use any TU mailing lists or other TU resources in connection with any such personal election-related activity or event. There are many grey areas that can be challenging to navigate, such as social media, so don't hesitate to reach out to TU staff to talk through anything on a case-by-case basis.

TU will continue to engage in advocacy efforts in pursuit of our mission, and doing so will at times include communication regarding legislators' positions on issues on which TU has long been working. At all times, but particularly during campaign season, such communication must be handled in a way that is consistent with IRS rules for 501(c)(3) nonprofits.

There are numerous ways to engage legislators and candidates that, if done correctly, are well within the IRS rules. Examples include candidate forums, questionnaires, and issue-oriented presentations to candidates and their staffs as long as they treat each candidate with equal consideration, do not pass judgment on their positions and are in accord with TU's mission. However, because the penalties are so serious, an abundance of caution is merited when dealing with candidates for office, and chapter and council volunteers are strongly encouraged to consult with TU staff before engaging in any kind of activity that could be construed as influencing an election.


All web conference trainings are held at 8 p.m. EST unless otherwise noted. Contact Jeff Yates to register.
Oct. 1:
Annual Financial Reports Open
Oct. 1:
New short fiscal year begins
Nov. 15:
Annual Financial Reporting Deadline
Feb. 15, 2019:
All FY18 Forms, including 990Ns, due to IRS
March 31, 2019:
New short fiscal year ends
April 1, 2019:
New full fiscal year FY19
Aug. 15, 2019:
Due date for Forms 990, 990EZ and 990T for short fiscal year
March 31, 2020:
FY19 ends
May 15, 2020:
FY19 & short fiscal year Annual Financial Reports due to TU (18-month filing)
Aug. 15, 2020:
All FY19 Forms, including 990Ns, due to IRS


The online leader Tacklebox – – offers a wide range of resources and guides for chapter and council leaders. Some of the most often used resources include:


The online leader Training Video Library – – has recordings of past online trainings, as well as a some simple "how to" videos designed to help volunteers access the online tools available to them. The training videos include:


We want our volunteer leaders to know what their members are receiving from TU in the mail and will begin sharing this through "In the Mail" frequently in Lines to Leaders. This month, the featured mail campaign is our Sweepstakes Mailing which includes a donation request.
We welcome your feedback and want to remind you that we are grateful for the gift of your time as a volunteer leader and your membership support. We appreciate your donations to TU beyond your membership dues, but also hope you'll view our appeal mailings as an effort to keep you connected to the inner-workings of our development work as a volunteer leader.
Together, through on-the-ground, local efforts and nationwide focus, we are making our rivers and streams healthier homes for trout. Thank you.

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