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Take a kid fishing.

HikingIt's one of the simplest things to say and to do, and yet it's one of the most impactful things we, as Trout Unlimited members and volunteers, can do to ensure the future of the rivers in our own back yard.

Restoring rivers, protecting them from threats, and guaranteeing they remain healthy now and into the future cannot be accomplished in one year. Nor can it be accomplished in one lifetime. The tree we plant today won't stabilize the bank or shade and canopy the river for 20 or 30 years as it grows, and if we want the next generation to step up to follow in our footsteps, we need to first help them fall in love with the places and rivers that we hold dear.

As we enter the late spring and early summer months – a time we as anglers treasure for the great fishing at hand – we owe it to ourselves, to our rivers and to our children and grandchildren to share these magical moments on the water.

Whether you take your own children out on the water, invite a friend or neighbor to bring their children on an outing with you, or find ways to connect local youth programs with fishing opportunities, please join me in taking a personal pledge to get at least one young person out on a nearby stream this year.

By sharing your passion, you may very well be igniting the fire inside them that will fuel their desire to step up as river stewards and volunteers when their time comes.

Jeff Yates
Director of Volunteer Operations


New PBS Documentary "The Crowd & The Cloud" Features TU Volunteers & Staff

EASThe power of TU volunteers to serve as watchdogs for their local streams is featured in a new documentary series The Crowd ∓ The Cloud by PBS, which highlights stories of volunteer citizen scientists across the globe who dedicate their time and talent to gather important data to address a wide range of issues.

In the segment "Trout Unlimited: Fishing for Data" – which begins around the 35-minute mark – TU's Eastern Shale Gas Monitoring Program and its work to monitor the potential impacts of Marcellus Shale hydraulic fracturing on water quality in area trout streams are celebrated.

"Boy, this is right up our alley. I mean, who's on the streams more than we are?" exclaims Bob Volkmar, Conservation Chair of the 327 - Gods Country Chapter, at one point during the video, highlighting why we believe TU's Angler Science programs are perfectly suited to our nearly 400 chapters across the country.

There are many familiar faces and voices in the documentary, including 688 - Tiadaghton Chapter Vice President Barb St. John, board member Art Antal and members Jim Weaver and Rhonda Keller. Jake Lemon, TU’s staff Eastern Shale Gas Monitoring Coordinator is also featured, explaining the power and the impact the effort has already made.

"We've had various agencies and institutions reach out to us to get ahold of our data set and use it in their research. They see value in volunteer data," he said. "It's a great resource of large data sets that they couldn't collect with their professional staff alone."

Since 2010 TU has trained 800 volunteer angler scientists who are monitoring over 390 sites on 318 streams throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia.

Special Angler Science Online Training on May 24

TU's Angler Science program is a growing suite of resources designed to help you and your chapter bring high-level field science to your local streams to monitor water quality, identify problems and track stream health over time.

Join TU's Senior Scientist Jack Williams and our talented science staff for an informative and comprehensive online webinar, Angler Science: Building a Successful Citizen Science Effort in Your Chapter, on May 24 at 8 p.m. EST. Click here to register.

You'll learn about all of the tools and step-by-step guides at your disposal to make angler science easy to bring to your chapter. What's more, we'll cover how engaging your members and the broader community in hands-on, angler science efforts to study and protect your local rivers is a great way to grow and strengthen your chapter.


Why National Monuments Matter to Anglers and How to Help Protect Them

Public LandsNational monuments and the Antiquities Act have been in the news lately, with some pushing the Trump Administration to repeal some national monuments, and a renewed call in the halls of Congress to dismantle the act.

On April 26th, President Trump signed an executive order directing the Secretary of the Interior (Secretary Zinke) to review dozens of National Monument designations dating back to 1996. The purpose of the review is to identify Monument designations that should be eliminated or reduced in size.

National Monuments protect some of the Nation's finest trout fisheries, such as the Arkansas River in Colorado and Jenny Creek in Oregon, a native redband trout stronghold.

The Antiquities Act, which authorizes designation of national monuments – is a critical tool for safeguarding dozens of America's most important natural wonders and historical places – including exceptional fish and wildlife habitats that provide some of the best fishing and hunting in the country.

Monuments such as the Cascade-Siskiyou National monument in SW Oregon, or the Katahdin Woods and Waters in Maine, were celebrated by TU and our members for the strong resource values that are represented in those special places.

It is unclear what will result from the Executive Order, but the direction is deeply concerning. TU and all sportsmen must respond vigorously to this threat by letting Secretary Zinke know that the Antiquities Act is a precious conservation tool that should not be undermined.

Please join TU by sending an email to your members of Congress urging them to support national monuments and maintain the Antiquities Act.

You can learn more and read great stories on some of the special places protected by the Antiquities Act in our new "Spotlight on Monuments" series online. Please share these stories and the important calls to action with your members on your chapter's social media, e-mails and newsletters and urge all of your volunteers to join us in voicing their support for the preservation of the Antiquities Act.


Join Us in Roanoke Sept. 27 - Volunteer Award Nominations Due by July 15

Regional RendezvousAn exciting and modern city, nestled within striking distance of some of the prettiest national forests and parks around, Roanoke, Va. Will be the host of the 2017 TU Annual Meeting. Join us from Sept. 27 – Oct. 1., for a fun, festive event where you can enjoy the fall foliage and weather, strike out for trout in nearby scenic streams, and spend a week meeting and sharing ideas and inspiration with TU volunteers and staff.

We have a lot to celbrate this year as Trout Unlimited's volunteers broke all records by contributing more than 725,000 hours to our conservation and education work!

Honoring that commitment, and recognizing the outstanding achievements of members, chapters, councils, professionals and partners that embody the values and mission of TU is an important part of our Annual Meeting.

TU is actively seeking nominations for the following awards by July 15:

  • State Council Award for Excellence
  • Gold and Silver Trout Chapter Awards
  • Mortensen Award for Outstanding Volunteer Leadership
  • Trout Conservation Award: Professional, Partner Organization/Business, Communications
  • Distinguished Service Awards in: Conservation, Leadership, Communications, Youth Education, and Veteran's Services

Each of these awards is described in greater detail and the nomination form is available online at


Grow, Engage and Diversify Your Membership with a Special Film Screening

SLAMSome of TU's fastest growing and strongest chapters across the country have learned that to make an impact on conservation and education efforts in their areas, they first need to build a community of dedicated anglers who are willing to roll up their sleeves and help. It's doubly important to engage and attract a diverse range of members who bring new perspectives, experiences and ideas to the table.

One of the best ways to draw a crowd of people who share our passion, to inspire them to join us in our mission and to cultivate future chapter volunteers and leaders is by hosting a fishing film screening event in your area. Costa has long been a strong partner of TU in a variety of ways, and is well-known as the title sponsor of the Fly Fishing Film Tour series. Now a new film event, SLAM, is ready to be launched and all TU chapters are being given the opportunity to be among the first to showcase this great new event. What's even better, it aligns perfectly with our Diversity Initiative and celebrates the rapidly changing demographics of the sport that draws many of us to conservation.

Follow the story of three anglers from different walks of life in pursuit of the same epic challenge with just a few days to accomplish it. Watch the SLAM trailer. This new feature will be paired with two great films from this year's Fly Fishing Film Tour – "Old Friends New Fish," which was sponsored by TU – and "Odd Man Out," which demonstrates that gender has no role out on the water.

Special COSTA SLAM Screening Offer for TU Chapters

When you sign up to host a SLAM screening locally for the special TU rate of $200, you'll get all the tools you need to succeed, including:

  • A digital link with marketing assets you can print, including 11x16 posters and tickets
  • Venue listing on Costa website. You'll also get a Ticket River widgit that allows the event to be posted on your own website for information and ticket sales.
  • One pair of Costa sunglasses for raffle
  • Costa swag, including hats and stickers to stoke your crowd.

Once you have made the purchase and are ready to roll, you get to make the Costa SLAM film event your own. You'll be in charge of your own ticket printing and sales via Ticket River or your own method, staffing, raffles, food and beverage, emcee, advertising, etc. The TU guidebook Hosting a Film Tour Event is a great place to start for help on making your screening a success and maximizing it's impact on your mission locally. Don't hesitate to contact your Volunteer Operations Staff for support and ideas.

To learn more, or register to host SLAM locally, email Hilary Hutcheson at


All web conference trainings are held at 8 p.m. EST unless otherwise noted. Contact Jeff Yates to register.



The online leader Tacklebox – – offers a wide range of resources and guides for chapter and council leaders. Some of the most often used resources include:


The online leader Training Video Library – – has recordings of past online trainings, as well as some simple "how to" videos designed to help volunteers access the online tools available to them. The training videos include:


Join other volunteer leaders discussing a variety of topics in the Open Forum at The first time you log in, use your membership email address and then your membership number as the password. Your settings on have not changed.


Support local stream and river restoration today by making a tax-deductible gift to Embrace A Stream, TU's oldest member-led conservation program. Since, 1975, Embrace A Stream donations have helped raise more than $4.4 million for local conservation projects led by TU chapters and volunteers.


Learn more about TU's efforts to involve more women in TU's mission, engage more women in volunteer leadership and increase the number of female TU members.


Including Trout Unlimited in your estate plans is one of the most simple ways to make a lasting impact for the resources and traditions you value.
Visit to learn more about how you can leave a lasting legacy for future generations. Or call Anderson Smith at (703) 284-9421.

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